Pilot info

All current and future Air Law rules are applicable to the Zandspruit Bush and Aero Estate (ZBAE) Runway. Over and above those rules, the following will apply:

  • Before entering Hoedspruit CTR, obtain clearance from APP 126,4
  • It is preferable to approach from the West.
  • It is preferable to land on runway 35 (wind dependant).
  • It is preferable to do a left hand circuit on runway 35.
  • It is preferable to take off from runway 17 and turn out West as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Strictly NO training may be done over ZBAE. Use FAHT for training.
  • No circuits and landings may be done at ZBAE (except for inspection run).
  • Hoedspruit Approach must be called on 126.4 Mhz before departure.


Runway details: 17/35 1000 x 10 m (3280ft) paved.

ZANDSPRUIT 1700ft S24°22’22.2″ E30°55’55.5″

Weather check ZANDSPRUIT: 082 449 8895

Visitor pilots need to send through a completed indemnity form prior to arrival. 24hr notice period is preferable.

Indemnity Form (PDF)



Hoedspruit Civil
Runway details: 1200m x 9m (3937ft) tarred
FAHT 1800ft S24°21’06.0″ E30°56’58.0″
Webcam Hoedspruit Civil