Press Releases

2017-02 African Pilot Update on Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate
2016-11 Lowveld Living Effortless Living
2016-02 Lowveld Living Fabulous Farmhouse
2015-06 African Pilot Zandspruit Airshow 2015
2015-06 Kruger 2 Canyon Newspaper (K2C) Airshow Announcement
2015-04 Lowveld Living The Flying Frenchman
2014-06 Lowveld Living “A Better Life”
2013-09 African Pilot “Zandspruit Airshow”
2013-01 Business Directory “Hoedspruit, Call of the Wild”
2012-12 OPP Awards “Best Developer – Africa 2012”
2011-11-04  Hoedspruit Herald “Zandspruit great news for whole community”
2011-11-04 Kruger2Canyon News “Vision & hard work pays off” 
2011-10 Lowveld Living  “Meet Keisha & Cary”
2011-09-09  Kruger2Canyon News “Limpopo announced the best destination in 2011”
2011-08-26 Kruger2Canyon News  “Hoedspruit companies come to the rescue”
2011-04 SA Flyer Magazine “Zandspruit opens with a splash”
2011-04 African Pilot “Zandspruit Opening”
2011-02 Polokwane Observer “To own a Piece of Africa”
2011-02-18 Pro Habitat “A Haven in the Bush”
2011-01-28 Kruger2Canyon News “Zandspruit now a reality” 
2011-01-25 Kruger2Canyon News “Zandspruit takes off” – page 2
2011-01-25 Kruger2Canyon News “Zandspruit takes off” – page 1
2009-03-13 K2C Article “Zandspruit – the way forward”
2009-03-06 K2C Article “Green light for Zandspruit”
2008-08-25 SA Flyer “Zandspruit: The ultimate Aero Estate”